• MCI approved medical colleges / universities.
  • The universities approved by MCI are the local government universities in respective countries.
  • No entrance exam
  • Guaranteed admission
  • Absolutely no donation / capitation fees.
  • Very low cost starting as low as INR 2 Lakhs PA
  • Living cost in many countries is almost equal to that in India

More and more students are seriously considering studying Medicine abroad. Some view it as an alternative if they don’t get an offer to study Medicine in the India. There are a number of reasons why students from India are looking to study medicine abroad, and it’s not because the quality of education in the country has declined. The number of students applying for admission to medical courses abroad is high and rising steeply.

Indian students aspiring to become Medical Practitioner have 3 options

  • Government Medical Colleges
  • Private Medical Colleges
  • Overseas Medical Programs

The strong competition in government medical colleges, as well as the rising costs of private medical colleges, are some of the factors pushing students to travel abroad for their studies. Private medical colleges are sometimes so expensive that students prefer to study in China, Russia and more recently in countries like Nepal and Bangladesh.

A student studying Medicine at Private College in India has to spend around Rs.75 Lakhs, but if he/she does from abroad, it could be as low as Rs.10 Lakhs.

As per the records, there were 13 lakh students across India who competed for 60 thousand seats for MBBS in government colleges in 2018.

So, if your determination is to become a doctor, either work hard to get through National eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) or apply in the colleges abroad to pursue MBBS at low cost

Top 10 Countries for Indian Students to Study at Low Cost

1 China  
2 Philippines  
3 Kyrgyzstan 13-17 Lakhs (With Hostel)
4 Bangladesh 18-20 Lakhs (With Hostel)
5 Ukraine 15-18 Lakhs (with Hostel)
6 Russia 10-15 Lakhs (With Hostel)
7 Nepal 38-44 Lakhs (With Hostel)
8 Philippines 13-17 Lakhs (With Hostel)
9 Georgia 16-22 Lakhs (with Hostel)
10 Central America 45-65 Lakhs (With Hostel)

The above cost includes

  • Tuition Fees for the entire Medical Course
  • Hostel Accommodation for the entire course
  • Food & Living Cost for the entire course


Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) or MCI Screening Test is mandatory for foreign medical graduates desirous of getting a provisional or permanent registration with MCI. Students must clear this test after returning back to India. While some of the Universities abroad do prepare Indian students for the MCI Screening Tests, students must work hard to clear these tests to practice in India.


  • Any Foreign Medical Graduate possessing a primary medical qualification awarded by any medical institution outside India wishing to get a provisional or permanent registration with MCI
  • Periodicity – Twice annually (June & December)
  • Pattern of Examination: Multiple Choice Questions
  • No. of Questions – 300
  • No Negative marking
  • Mode of Test: Computer Based
  • Passing Criteria- 150/300 marks