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There was a time when planning a holiday abroad implied first managing the problem of applying for a visa. Those appalling lines, the ceaseless records, the curious inquiries and after that that long sit tight for the much-anticipated bit of paper, a.k.a. the Tourist Visa – your permit to travel. Be that as it may, not any longer! With numerous nations offering Visa on Arrival (VOA), voyaging abroad is never again an overwhelming knowledge. So gather your sacks and head to an astounding season get-away to any of these lovely nations offering Visa on Arrival.

What Is a Visa?

A visa is an official report that enables the carrier to lawfully enter a remote nation. The visa is typically stepped or stuck into the conveyor’s international ID. There are a few distinct sorts of visas, every one of which manage the cost of the conveyor various rights in the host nation.

What Is a Travel/Tourist Visa?

Travel visas enable the carrier to enter a remote nation for touristic and recreation purposes just and remain for a foreordained measure of time. These visas don’t qualify the holder for work or participate in any business activities in the host nation. Safeway Immigration Travels will do an evaluation of your case and give you best deal on travelling international destinations. We offer unmatched services at affordable costs.

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